LinkedIn Profile for Professionals and its Importance

The job market has become highly competitive. Getting a linkedin profile is must now. it is not enough to just have an impressive resume, but you need to connect with the right people and make your presence felt to possible recruiters.

For those new to any job search, LinkedIn is akin to a social networking site, mostly used for professional purposes to make meaningful professional contacts, share their professional achievements, and share impactful and useful content with the professional community. LinkedIn profile can help you to showcase your skills, expertise, education, experience, etc.

You are not wrong if you think that a resume also does the same thing. Resumes are not seen as being unless when sent to someone personally. But you can let potential recruiters know about you in a much more detailed fashion with LinkedIn. But with an updated LinkedIn profile, your audience will increase. This article lists the importance that LinkedIn has for job searchers.

Building a Professional Linkedin profile

LinkedIn is no doubt a social networking site. But, the only difference between sites like Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn is that on the latter. You connect with professionals from different industries, domains and backgrounds while the former is used to make personal contacts. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people. It also helps you learn about your recruiter or interviewer before meeting them.

Job Postings

LinkedIn is one of the largest recruitment platforms on the internet. An active LinkedIn account will help you stay up-to-date with the latest hiring trends and skills that recruiters could kill for. By following company pages, they get alerted to current openings and can be the first of many to apply for them. Another advantage of an updated profile is that it appears on the recruiter’s search. This drastically increases your chance of being viewed and therefore hired.

Personal Branding

We often hear news of people being hired because they did something creative and posted it on LinkedIn. These people created a brand of themselves and showcased their skills directly to the recruiter. No other platform allows this kind of an opportunity for job seekers to be directly visible to recruiters. 

Social Proof of Your Skills and Competencies

The skills and competencies you show on LinkedIn can be endorsed by others. With these recommendations and endorsements, your credibility increases and is also a powerful tool for making connections. It also makes it easier for your connections to recommend you to potential recruiters and back up your skills.

Professional Development

LinkedIn has groups and frequent events aimed at skill development. They are a brilliant way to meet people with similar interests and expand your network. You can take part in discussions and learn how to develop your skills. LinkedIn provides a platform to exhibit your knowledge, ask questions and start meaningful conversations with significant people in key organizations.

The benefits of a LinkedIn profile are endless, with almost no downsides. Whether or not you are an active job seeker, create a LinkedIn account today. If you need help creating a new LinkedIn profile or enhancing your present account, contact us, and we will make sure your account stands out in the crowd.